Site Health Test

What is a Website Health Test?

To put it simply this is a test on your websites efficiency and usability. We will check for things like loading time, overall security and we can also provide you with a report detailing some information about the users that come onto your website like where they go and how long they stay on your website for. 

Detailed user analytics

Using our tools we can provide you with a user statistics report which goes into detail on things like: where users mainly come from, how long they stay for, which pages they visit and what they do on your pages. all of this information can really assist you in knowing what to offer on your website and where to place it on your website to get the most views

Website Speed & security Analysis

Using our tools we can provide you the information you need to know  about your websites speed and efficiency. we can give you information like how fast your website loads on mobile or desktop and which parts of your website slow the loading down.